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Reptor™- BCR Repertoire Sequencing

Bulk B cell sequencing uses next-generation sequencing to profile the antibody repertoire. Dive deeper into profiling your sorted B cell populations, and tissues by sequencing isotype-specific antibodies.

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I have had great experiences using Abterra Bio’s Reptor platform. The data generated was highly valuable, and the team provided quick and open communication throughout the whole process.

Sandeep Kumar, PhD

Associate Director - Antibody Discovery & Engineering, Scholar Rock


Reptor acceptable species include mouse, rat, rabbit, human, transgenics

Species and Samples

  • Species: extensible to any species including transgenics
  • Samples: can start from cells or tissue including bone marrow, spleen, lymph node, and blood
  • Contact us if you are interested!
Next-generation sequencing for hybridomas

Amplification and Sequencing

  • Full-length variable region sequencing
  • Isotypes:
    • Mouse & Rat (IgG/IgM, IgK/IgL)
    • Human (all isotypes)
    • Rabbit (IgG, IgK)
    • Transgenics (varies)
Proprietary Reptor software

Analysis using proprietary software

BCR Repertoire Sequencing Process



RNA extraction starting from vials or plate


Barcoding and amplification


Sequencing and filtering


Error correction and repertoire analysis using our proprietary software



Files of every sequence discovered


Interactive html report with repertoire analysis


Automated diversity analysis: gene usage, CDR3 lengths, mutation counts and more!

3 week turnaround time!

 * Work performed 100% in the USA!

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The natural B-cell receptor repertoire is a wealth of information on the immune state of an individual. Click below to learn more about how our services can help you achieve your project goals!

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