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Hybridoma Sequencing with Reptor

We have sequenced over

Hybridomas and counting

Hybridoma Sequencing Service

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms provide high-throughput, comprehensive, and in-depth coverage of antibody sequences in your hybridomas.

    Benefits of hybridoma sequencing by NGS:

    Sequence polyclonals

    Deep sequencing each hybridoma reveals contaminating, minor clones that confound other sequencing methods.

    Protect your IP

    Sequencing all hybridomas from your campaign reveals related sequences that can contribute to a stronger patent application.

    Never lose a hybridoma

    Knowing the sequence of your valuable hybridomas gives you peace of mind in the event of hybridoma loss.

    Low sample requirements

    The sensitivity of next-generation sequencing enables our process to start from as few as 10,000 cells.

    Our Aim: Give you access to every relevant antibody


    Hybridoma sequencing acceptable species

    Species and Samples

    • Species: Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Human, and Transgenics
    • Contact us if you are interested in sequencing hybridomas from a different species!
    • Samples: cells
    Hybridoma sequencing on the MiSeq

    Amplification and Sequencing

    • Full-length variable region sequencing
    • Isotypes:
      • Mouse & Rat (IgG/IgM, IgK/IgL)
      • Human (all isotypes)
      • Rabbit (IgG, IgK)
      • Transgenics (varies)
    Hybridoma Sequencing with Proprietary Reptor software

    Analysis using proprietary software

    • Error Correction and Repertoire analysis
    • Full sequencing data access

    Hybridoma Sequencing Process

    Hybridoma sequencing workflow with Reptor from plates to sequences


    1. RNA Extraction starting from vials or plate
    2. Barcoding and Amplification
    3. Sequencing and Data Filtering
    4. Error Correction and Repertoire Analysis using our proprietary software

    Material Requirements:

    • >10k cells per hybridoma

    Sample submission formats: Cryovials and plates

    • Read more on how to properly ship your hybridomas

    Turnaround time: 3 weeks

    Work performed 100% in the USA!



    Dominant and Minor Sequences for each hybridoma


    Automated CDR detection on each sequence


    Clonality assessment for each hybridoma


    Isotype readout per hybridoma

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