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Unique technology for antibody sequencing and discovery

Our technologies are built on decades of experience in bioinformatics algorithm and software development. We take pride in offering unique solutions to challenging problems in biology.



A better way to discover antibodies.

Alicanto® is Abterra Biosciences’ novel antibody discovery platform that identifies target-specific antibodies from serum. Our unique technology selects high-affinity antibodies without requiring time-consuming and inefficient cell selection, fusions, or cloning. Alicanto® can be applied to discover monoclonal antibodies from rabbits, llamas, goats, and humans.

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Discovery

Single Domain Antibody Discovery

Human Antibody Discovery

Alicanto proprietary software
Valens technology


Resurrect your monoclonal antibody using proteomic de novo sequencing.

Valens™ uses proprietary technology to sequence monoclonal antibodies when the source cell has been lost. When no source DNA/RNA is available, Valens™ uses proteomics technologies to determine the full-length amino acid sequence of a monoclonal antibody. We’ve successfully applied our approach to antibodies from multiple species, including mouse, rat, human, and hamster, and multiple isotypes, including IgG’s and IgM’s. Valens™ can also be used to sequence antibody fragments.

Protein Sequence Confirmation

Antibody Protein Sequencing


Antibody repertoire sequencing and analysis.

The adaptive immune response to challenge consists of a dynamic and diverse population of B- and T-lymphocytes. Reptor™ simplifies the interrogation of these populations by combining next-generation sequencing with repertoire analysis, all accessible on the cloud. From tracking individual clones across time to repertoire-wide comparisons across individuals, our Reptor™ technology provides an intuitive window into the immune repertoires of humans, llamas, alpacas, rabbits, and goats.

Next-Generation Sequencing HT Hybridoma

Next-Generation Sequencing Bulk B Cells

Next-Generation Sequencing Hit Expansion

Next-Generation Sequencing Display Library

Reptor technology
Quorum technology
Quorum Cloud®

Visualize and analyze structurally similar compounds.

98% of spectra in untargeted metabolomics experiments remain unidentified. This translates to missed insights in your research. Quorum Cloud® organizes unidentified spectra into families of structurally-related compounds using molecular networking, enabling the expansion of identifications to family members. Our Quorum Cloud® technology highlights differentially expressed compounds, so you can quickly focus on the compounds that matter.

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