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Human Antibody Discovery with Alicanto

Human Antibody Discovery from Serum

The human immune response is a rich source of data on the health state of an individual. Mining the human immune response can elucidate new drug targets, identify therapeutic antibody candidates, aide in vaccine design, and reveal the nature of immune-related disorders. Abterra Bio can be your partner in human antibody repertoire analysis with our Alicanto® platform.

Read our latest publication on how Alicanto® was used to discover Ebola neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.

Human antibody discovery from serum using Alicanto software

The Role of Human Antibodies in Disease

Infectious Diseases

Humans mount an antibody response to an array of infectious agents across bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Profiling the serum antibody repertoire together with B cell populations can provide critical information for therapeutic development and vaccine design.

Autoimmune Diseases

Auto-antibodies contribute to many disorders of the immune system, including myasthenia gravis, system lupus erythematosus, and multiple sclerosis. Monitoring serum antibody clonal lineages and isotypes across time and patients can reveal new insights into the disease


B-cell malignancies such as acute myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma, and non-hodgkins lymphoma produce high serum antibody titers. Characterizing the clonal lineages of the serum antibodies in these disorders can provide important diagnostic information. In solid tumors, anti-tumor antibodies arise to novel cell surface antigens such as abherrant splice variants, modification forms, and fetal proteins. The antibody response in these patients can reveal novel drug targets or direct therapeutic antibody development.

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Resources and Publications

1. Read more on how our antibody discovery platform, Alicanto®, was used to discover neutralizing monoclonal antibodies in this paper: Gilchuk, Pavlo, et al. “Proteo-Genomic Analysis Identifies Two Major Sites of Vulnerability on Ebolavirus Glycoprotein for Neutralizing Antibodies in Convalescent Human Plasma.” Frontiers in Immunology (2021): 2782. 

2. Learn about how Reptor™, our flexible immune repertoire sequencing technology, was used to analyze the baseline BCR repertoire in a healthy human.