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New Publication Reveals Ebolavirus-Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies

Jul 22, 2021 | Publications, Science, Services

Abterra Biosciences, together with VUMC Vaccine Center, Mapp Bio, PNNL, UTMB Health, Ragon Institute, Integral Molecular, and La Jolla Institute, recently published a paper describing the discovery of  Ebolavirus-neutralizing antibodies from convalescent plasma.


“In this study, we characterize the circulating antibody response to ebolavirus Glycoproteins (GPs) at the molecular level by identifying monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that are present in convalescent plasma collected from an Ebolavirus disease survivor. For these mAbs we report the reactivity breadth, epitope specificity, prevalence in plasma, functional activities, and capacity to mediate in vivo protection.”

workflow shows affinity purification, mass spec and bioinformatic analysis

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Figure 1 Proteo-genomics workflow for the discovery of ebolavirus GP-specific monoclonal antibodies in convalescent human plasma. A cartoon representation is shown of key workflow steps, which included collection of convalescent plasma from EVD survivor, affinity purification of polyclonal GP-specific antibodies from plasma, mass-spectrometric analysis of plasma antibody protein sequences, isolation of GP-specific B cells from the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of an EVD survivor, single-cell V(D)J gene sequence analysis, bioinformatics analysis to identify shared proteo-genomic antibody heavy and light chain variable region sequences, recombinant expression of identified monoclonal antibodies, and functional analysis of recombinant antibodies.


  • 52 monoclonal antibodies were identified from plasma and showed varying levels of virus neutralization.
  • The antibodies bound to epitopes across previously identified sites of neutralization – the base region, head domain/host receptor binding site (RBS), or glycan cap.
  • Over 1,000 antibody sequences were observed in the cDNA of sampled ebolavirus glycoprotein (GP)-specifc memory B cells, however, the vast majority of these were not detected in plasma.

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[1] Bonissone SR, Lima T, Harris K, Davison L, Avanzino B, Trinklein N, et al. Serum Proteomics Expands on High-Affinity Antibodies in Immunized Rabbits Than Deep B-Cell Repertoire Sequencing Alone. BioRxiv (2020) 833871. doi: 10.1101/833871. (BioRvix)