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Alicanto Overview


Custom Antibody Discovery from Serum


Alicanto® is an antibody discovery service that harnesses decades of technology development across genomics and proteomics. We use mass spectrometry and next-generation sequencing to identify high affinity monoclonal antibodies from serum.


We can work with other species too!


Alicanto® Workflow



Alicanto workflow using mass spec and next-generation sequencing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alicanto serum enrichment strategies for affinity purification
Why does serum matter?

We measure the success of our immunization using the serum antibody titer. Once we know that antibodies with the desired functionality are present in the serum, why would we look anywhere else?

For what applications is this useful?

Our antibodies can be used for a wide array of applications including as therapeutics, diagnostics, and research tools.

Unlike single B cell, hybridoma, or B cell cloning approaches that leave screening until the end stages, we build the desired antibody properties into the earliest stages of the process. This allows us to de-risk a project early, and deliver high quality antibody sequences to you faster.

What about other species?

Alicanto® can be applied to any species with a backbone and a jaw, as long as a sufficient antibody response can be generated to your target.

Alicanto® Deliverables


Sequences – Full sequence information for all hits identified by Alicanto®.

Interactive report – An interactive, web-based report of the entire dataset to investigate individual antibodies, clonal families, and repertoire-wide features.

Transparency – Full access to the sequences and supporting data.

Expressed antibodies – Transient production of candidates and screening available.

Alicanto viewer screen shot

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Alicanto-FLEX overview

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Resources and Publications

Alicanto® integrates next-generation sequencing analysis of antibody repertoires with computational mass spectrometry measurements of antibody proteins. The early algorithmic foundation for Alicanto® was developed at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of California – San Diego.

Publications by Abterra Bio founders and team members include: