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Rabbit Antibody Discovery with Alicanto

Rabbit Antibody Discovery from Serum

Abterra Bio offers custom monoclonal antibody discovery using Alicanto®. You measure the success of your immunization using the serum antibody titer, so why focus on any rabbit antibodies not present in serum?

Alicanto rabbit antibody discovery timeline and workflow


Sequences – A set of up to 10 heavy chain sequences and 10 light chain sequences selected by Alicanto®.

Interactive report – An interactive, web-based report of the entire data set to investigate individual rabbit antibodies, clonal families, and repertoire-wide features.

Transparency – Full access to the rabbit antibody repertoire raw data and data tables.

Expressed antibodies – 1mg of up to 10 rabbit antibodies validated by ELISA.

Alicanto visualization




Why rabbit monoclonal antibody discovery?

Rabbits routinely produce antibodies with 10-100 times higher affinity than mouse antibodies, making them ideal for sensitive diagnostics and assays. Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies provide consistency across batches and the security of knowing the antibody sequence. We immunize 2 animals per project and choose the rabbit with the best immune response for monoclonal discovery.

What are the material requirements?

We require 2.5 mg of antigen for immunization, affinity purification, and ELISA. The affinity purification can be customized to target specific variants, sub-domains, or cross-reactive species which would require additional antigen.

Can I send you samples from my existing immunization?

In some cases, we may be able to work with an immunization in progress, or a completed immunization. We can even discover antibodies without sacrificing the animal. 

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Resources and Publications

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