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Antibody Protein Sequencing with Valens

De Novo Antibody Sequencing

Lost your hybridoma? Our Valens™ platform performs antibody protein sequencing to determine the primary amino acid sequence of your monoclonal antibody directly from the protein. Using mass spectrometry together with our patented spectral networking approach, Valens™ recovers full-length amino acid for heavy and light chains.

Valens antibody protein sequencing workflow from mAb to sequences

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Partnership between Abterra Bio and LakePharma on Valens

Antibody Sequencing & Expression

We now offer our unique service in partnership with LakePharma Inc.  We will deliver your antibody sequence with validated expression and binding, guaranteed.

Material Requirements – 200ug of purified monoclonal antibody

Turnaround time – 5 weeks to sequence

Work performed 100% in the USA

Isoleucine & Leucine Determination

Valens™ now supports CLIP™, a Bayesian approach to isoleucine and leucine determination.

Isoleucine and leucine are isomers, having identical mass but different structures. CLIP™ uses side-chain fragmentation of isoleucine and leucine to determine the correct amino acid during de novo antibody sequencing.

Isoleucine leucine structures

Resources & Publications

Valens builds on over a decade of algorithm development including ideas invented at the University of California – San Diego Center for Computational Mass Spectrometry. For background on our methods check out these publications:

We recently summarized the approaches to de novo antibody sequencing in a blog post.