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Single Domain Antibody Discovery with Alicanto

Single Domain Antibody Discovery from Serum

Abterra Bio offers custom single domain antibody discovery using Alicanto®. You measure the success of your immunization using the serum antibody titer, so why focus on any antibodies not present in serum?

Alicanto single domain antibody discovery timeline and workflow

Benefits of Using Alicanto for Your Single Domain Antibody Discovery

Antibodies discovered from llama using Alicanto

More Diverse Hits – By avoiding cloning into phage and panning, Alicanto® directly samples the natural diversity of the immune response. This translates to more unique hits for your project.

Higher Hit Rate – We enrich for the desired antibodies at the earliest stages of the process, which allows us to avoid wasting time on antibodies that don’t have the desired specificity.

In Vivo Engineering – We deliver all related sequences to validated hits which allows you to discover new candidates with potentially different profiles of affinity, immunogenicity, and sequence liabilities.


Sequences – Full sequence information for all hits identified by Alicanto®.

Interactive report – An interactive, web-based report of the entire dataset to investigate individual antibodies, clonal families, and repertoire-wide features.

Transparency – Full access to the sequences and supporting data.

Expressed antibodies – Transient production of candidates and screening available.

Alicanto visualization

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Why single domain?

Single domain antibodies contain only heavy chains and are devoid of light chains. They have unique properties of stability and solubility, making them attractive for harsh environments such as the tumor microenvironment. Their structure also enables these antibodies to recognize epitopes that are inaccessible to conventional antibodies. We recently analyzed a naive llama repertoire and cover a little more of the biology of single domain antibodies in a blog post.

From which camelids do you generate single domain antibodies?

We can discover antibodies from both llamas and alpacas. Which animal to use is a matter of client preference. We are able to extend Alicanto® to other camelids upon request. If you are interested in single domain antibodies from other species, we are eager to collaborate!

What are the material requirements?

We require 2.5 mg of antigen for immunization, affinity purification, and ELISA. The affinity purification can be customized to target specific variants, sub-domains, or cross-reactive species which would require additional antigen.

Can I send you samples from my immunization?

In some cases, we may be able to work with an immunization in progress, or a completed immunization.

Resources and Publications

Read more about Alicanto® in action to discover diverse single domain antibodies in llama in our literature.

Conference Poster : Single domain antibody discovery in llama using NGS and mass spectrometry – AE&T 2019

Blog Post : Llama VHH Discovery By Serum Proteomic Analysis

Case Study : Alicanto Case Study: Diverse VHH discovery from serum