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Hit Expansion with Reptor

Expand Candidate Hits Using NGS

Missing out on diversity in your antibody discovery campaigns? Want to perform antibody optimization that is informed by nature?

Abterra Bio now offers companion bulk sequencing as a parallel service to our hybridoma sequencing. Hit expansion helps engineer better sequence diversity of candidates to evaluate, reducing wasted effort on analysis of identical candidates and increasing chances for success.  Learn more about how Reptor can discover more relatives of hits from an antibody campaign in our recent case study. 

    Key Benefits of Hit Expansion:

    10-100x more antibody candidates per campaign

    Informed engineering based on observed sequence diversity

    Antibody hits with diverse mutation profiles, mutation loads, and liabilities

    Amplifying antibody sequencing and discovery


    Reptor Hit Expansion Sequencing acceptable species and sample types

    Species and Samples

    • Extensible to any species including transgenics
    • Samples can start from cells or  remnant tissue including bone marrow, spleen, lymph node, and blood
    Reptor amplification and sequencing on the Miseq

    Amplification and Sequencing

    • Full-length variable region sequencing
    • Isotypes:
      • Mouse & Rat (IgG/IgM, IgK/IgL)
      • Human (all isotypes)
      • Rabbit (IgG, IgK)
      • Transgenics (varies)
    Reptor proprietary sequencing software

    Analysis using proprietary software

    • Error Correction and Repertoire analysis
    • Full sequence data access

    Sequencing Process

    Hit expansion with Reptor B cell lineage


    1. RNA Extraction starting from vials or plate
    2. Barcoding and Amplification
    3. Sequencing and Data Filtering
    4. Error Correction and Repertoire Analysis using our proprietary software
    5.  Identification of relatives of screened hits

    Material Requirements:

    • Sequences or cells for hits
    • Tissue pieces cannot be larger than 1cm in any dimension.
    • Read more on how to properly ship your samples

    Turnaround time: 3 weeks

    Work performed 100% in the USA!



    Antibody sequences related to screened antibody hits


    Automated CDR detection on each sequence


    CDR diversity analysis


    Isotype readout per antibody

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