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Reptor Overview


Antibody Repertoire Sequencing and Analysis

The natural B-cell receptor repertoire is a wealth of information on the immune state of an individual. Abterra Bio now offers Reptor™, an end-to-end solution for B-cell receptor sequencing, repertoire construction, and analysis.



We can work with any species including transgenics!


Reptor™ Workflow


Reptor repertoire sequencing workflow
Reptor repertoire visualization

Automated Repertoire Analysis

Each antibody can be analyzed individually, or the repertoire can be visualized using compiled statistics and presentation-ready plots.

Reptor™ service provides:

  • Interactive repertoire results available through our proprietary software.
  • Complete antibody repertoire downloadable from online.

Read more below on how Alicanto® can further improve your antibody discovery


A Tale of Two Repertoires

The B-cell receptor repertoire is a snapshot of transcriptionally active B cells and plasma cells. The repertoire of antibodies present in serum is a distinct collection of molecules that tells a different story.

We developed Alicanto® to integrate next-generation sequencing of B-cell receptors with mass spectrometry-based analysis of circulating antibodies. We apply this platform to discover high-affinity antibodies.

Reptor B cell proliferation

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