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Quorum Cloud

Enhance your discovery of unknown compounds! Compounds sharing similar chemical structure also share similar and predictable fragmentation. Using this observation, Quorum Cloud® organizes all molecules from MS/MS experiments into a network. When combined with library identification, the network can be used to triage families of molecules passing over known molecules in the spectral library to focus on novel bioactive compounds. But don’t take our word for it. See what UCSD researchers have discovered in living microbial colonies, using microbial imaging, and analyzing gene cluster families. Check out the latest publications and posters on Quorum Cloud® in our literature.

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Screening for Biomarkers

Discovering Natural Metabolites

Capturing Pharmacokinetics

Discovering Natural Metabolites

Fungal and microbial communities are the richest sources of bioactive compounds, producing families of related compounds, some with remarkable therapeutic potential. 

  • Quorum Cloud® enables tapping into the these bioactives by promoting groups of similar-structured compounds.
  • Quorum Cloud® scores the similarity between pairs of molecule fragmentation and highlights the mass differences.
  • Powered by crowd-sourced Global Natural Products Spectral (GNPS) library or supply your own user-generated spectral library for comparison.

Screening for Biomarkers

MS has entered mainstream clinical diagnostics. Quorum Cloud® helps you discover stronger biomarkers with high-throughput interrogation of molecular features along with putative molecular characterization.

  • Discover novel metabolites and profiles from blood, urine, sputum, or even skin swab samples
  • Rich statistical analysis to captures dynamics of metabolites across groups of samples
  • Fulfills your throughput needs, enabling analyzing tens to hundreds of samples

Capturing Pharmacokinetics

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