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Protein Sequence Confirmation with Valens

Are you sure you know what your protein sample is what you think it is?

Use our mass spectrometry-based Valens™ service to confirm the translated protein product matches your genetic sequence.

Applications using Valens™

Hybridoma Verification

Confirm the secreted antibody matches the expected genomic sequence.

Truncation Detection

Identify the translation boundaries and post-translational processing events of your sequence.

Recombinant Protein Confirmation

 Assess how well the expressed protein matches the intended gene sequence.

Valens workflow from protein or monoclonal antibody to sequences

Protein Sequence Confirmation Process

Sequence confirmation is a distinct process from de novo protein sequencing. In sequence confirmation, we have a putative sequence against which to verify the sample. We provide a probability of each amino acid being correct.

Material Requirements – 100ug of 90% pure protein.

Turn around time – 4 weeks

Work performed 100% in the USA.

Don’t have a putative sequence? You will need de novo protein sequencing and we can help!

Sequence Confirmation Deliverables

Interactive Report with Presentation Ready Image

Peptide Coverage of Putative Protein

Per Residue Confidence Score

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