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Bulk B-Cell Sequencing with Reptor

B-Cell Receptor Repertoire Sequencing

Bulk B cell sequencing uses next-generation sequencing to profile the antibody repertoire. Dive deeper into profiling your sorted B cell populations, and tissues by sequencing isotype-specific antibodies.

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BCR sequencing acceptable species and sample types

Species and Samples

  • Extensible to any species including transgenics
  • Samples can start from cells or tissue including bone marrow, spleen, lymph node, and blood
Bulk B cell sequencing and amplification

Amplification and Sequencing

  • Full-length variable region sequencing
  • Isotypes:
    • Mouse & Rat (IgG/IgM, IgK/IgL)
    • Human (all isotypes)
    • Rabbit (IgG, IgK)
    • Transgenics (varies)
Reptor proprietary bulk B cell sequencing software

Analysis using proprietary software

  • Error Correction and Repertoire analysis
  • Full sequence data access

Bulk B Cell Sequencing Workflow

Reptor bulk B cell sequencing workflow from cells to sequences


  1. RNA Extraction and cDNA Synthesis
  2. Either Amplicon Generation or Ig Amplification
  3. Sequencing and Data Filtering
  4. Error Correction and Repertoire Analysis using our proprietary software

Material Requirements:

  • 100 – 5M Cells
  • Tissue pieces should be no larger than 1 cm in any dimension

Sample submission formats: Cryovials and plates

  • Read more on how to properly ship your cells and tissues

Turnaround time: 3 weeks

Key Benefits


Deep sequence polyclonal antibody samples


Discover novel variants of hybridoma hits


Enabling antibody sequencing beyond mouse and human


Complete antibody repertoire with germline gene and CDR annotations

Work performed 100% in the USA

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