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A Decade of De Novo Antibody Sequencing Experience

Sep 8, 2021 | Science, Services

De novo antibody sequencing experience

  • Have you lost your hybridoma?
  • Is your hybridoma no longer producing?
  • Is your hybridoma producing more than your desired antibody?
  • Do you have a monoclonal antibody from a clinical sample, but no way to recover the source B cell?

Valens™ is a de novo antibody sequencing service that reconstructs the full amino acid sequence of both antibody chains using bioinformatics and mass spectrometry. We now offer this unique service in partnership with LakePharma, a leading protein engineering company.

For the past decade, we’ve been developing methods for sequencing monoclonal antibodies using proteomics. We wrote a blog post providing an overview of de novo antibody sequencing. For 100% sequence accuracy, antibody sequencing experience matters.

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