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Digital Proteomics is now Abterra Biosciences

Abterra Biosciences discovers fully human antibodies from patients

Truly human antibody therapeutics.

Humans mount lasting antibody responses to infectious diseases and cancer. Abterra Bio uses next-generation sequencing, mass spectrometry, and machine learning to comprehensively map the antibody response, and rapidly identify better therapeutic antibodies. We’ve built an interdisciplinary team of data scientists and biologists to re-imagine how antibody therapeutics are developed.

Abterra Bio technology is built on decades of experience in antibody sequencing and analysis. Click on the services below to see how we can help you!

Abterra Bio Reptor Hybridoma Sequencing


Next-Gen Sequencing Hybridoma

Abterra Bio Reptor Bulk B Cell Sequencing


Next-Gen Sequencing Bulk B Cells
Abterra Bio Reptor Hit Expansion


Next-Gen Sequencing Hit Expansion 
Abterra Bio Reptor Library Sequencing


Next-Gen Sequencing Display Library
Abterra Bio Alicanto Rabbit Antibody Discovery


Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Discovery
Abterra Bio Alicanto Single Domain Antibody Discovery


Single Domain (VHH) Antibody Discovery

Abterra Bio Alicanto Human Antibody Discovery


Human Antibody Discovery
Abterra Bio Valens Sequence Confirmation


Protein Sequence Confirmation
Abterra Bio Valens Antibody Protein Sequencing


Antibody Protein Sequencing

Our partners’ success means everything to us

I have had great experiences using Abterra Bio’s Reptor platform. The data generated was highly valuable, and the team provided quick and open communication throughout the whole process.

Sandeep Kumar, PhD

Associate Director - Antibody Discovery & Engineering, Scholar Rock

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Scientific Updates

BCR Repertoire Sequencing: Error Correction

Sequencing errors: where do they come from?Immune repertoire sequencing (Rep-seq) allows us to deconvolute the population of antibody sequences that comprise an individual’s B-cell response. While antibody repertoire diversity is known to be vast, errors can cause a...

VHH Discovery By Serum Proteomic Analysis

Llama VHH discovery from serumCamelids, such as llamas and alpacas, naturally produce both conventional antibodies and heavy-chain only antibodies (HCAbs)(1). The antigen-binding domain of the HCAb, called the VHH or nanobody, is comprised of a single polypeptide...

I/L Determination in De Novo Antibody Sequencing

Isoleucine and leucine determinationDe novo antibody sequencing by tandem mass spectrometry(MS/MS) uses the differences in mass of different amino acids to accurately determine the correct sequence. Distinguishing between isoleucine (Ile) and leucine (Leu) residues is...

Single-molecule Ig Repertoire Sequencing from Lama glama

In recent years, camelids have become more than hearty travel companions due to their unconventional adaptive immune systems. Conventional IgG antibodies are tetrameric molecules comprised of two heavy chains and two light chains with molecular weights of roughly ~150...

Social Media Posts

Using our Valens de novo antibody sequencing technology, we were able to cover missing amino acids from a published anti-FLAG M2 antibody sequence. Click below to read more about our case study!

#antibody #sequencing #pharma #biotech

Congratulations to Matthew Burchill for winning a free Valens de novo sequencing project! We look forward to our collaboration with him and the University of Colorado - School of Medicine.

#antibody #sequencing

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