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Abterra Biosciences discovers fully human antibodies from patients

Truly human antibody therapeutics.

Humans mount lasting antibody responses to infectious diseases and cancer. Abterra Bio uses next-generation sequencing, mass spectrometry, and machine learning to comprehensively map the antibody response, and rapidly identify better therapeutic antibodies. We’ve built an interdisciplinary team of data scientists and biologists to re-imagine how antibody therapeutics are developed.

Abterra Bio technology is built on decades of experience in antibody sequencing and analysis. Click on the services below to see how we can help you!

Abterra Bio Reptor Hybridoma Sequencing


Next-Gen Sequencing Hybridoma

Abterra Bio Reptor Bulk B Cell Sequencing


Next-Gen Sequencing Bulk B Cells
Abterra Bio Reptor Hit Expansion


Next-Gen Sequencing Hit Expansion 
Abterra Bio Reptor Library Sequencing


Next-Gen Sequencing Display Library
Abterra Bio Alicanto Rabbit Antibody Discovery


Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Discovery
Abterra Bio Alicanto Single Domain Antibody Discovery


Single Domain (VHH) Antibody Discovery

Abterra Bio Alicanto Human Antibody Discovery


Human Antibody Discovery
Abterra Bio Valens Sequence Confirmation


Protein Sequence Confirmation
Abterra Bio Valens Antibody Protein Sequencing


Antibody Protein Sequencing

Our partners’ success means everything to us

I have had great experiences using Abterra Bio’s Reptor platform. The data generated was highly valuable, and the team provided quick and open communication throughout the whole process.

Sandeep Kumar, PhD

Associate Director - Antibody Discovery & Engineering, Scholar Rock

I would strongly recommend the services, Valens and Reptor, from Abterra Bio.  Not only were the individuals extremely helpful throughout the development of my project, but they were always available to answer any questions I had throughout the project.  Best of all, Abterra provided high-quality sequences with a rapid turnover which allowed my lab to continue our research with little delay.

Matthew Burchill, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus

Latest News

Problem Solvers by Nature

"When @necastellana began applying algorithms for protein analysis, she realized that most methods did not utilize the power of the human body’s adaptive immune system." Read about how to unlock the power of the human immune system using bioinformatics. 

Alicanto Innovative New Product Award Finalist

We’re thrilled to announce that Alicanto® was selected as a finalist in CONNECT’s Most Innovative New Product Awards. CONNECT, a premier innovation company accelerator in San Diego that creates and scales great companies in the technology and life sciences sectors,...

Phase 1 SBIR Award-Quorum Cloud

Quorum Cloud® is a computational platform that organizes tandem MS data into molecular networks. Molecular networks connect related compounds that differ by a mutation, modification, or adduct. Quorum Cloud® increases NP compound annotations compared to previous...

Scientific Updates

Multi-Species Antibody Repertoire Comparison

A decade ago, in vivo antibody discovery relied heavily on wild-type mice. Today, it’s not uncommon to generate antibodies using a petting zoo of animals including chicken, goat, rabbit, llamas, alpacas, and humanized rodents. The immune responses of these animals...

NGS During The Hybridoma Generation Process

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has allowed for unprecedented insights into patterns of the immune response. It can enable high-throughput sequencing of hybridomas as we have discussed in NGS-Enhanced antibody discovery blog post and resource pages. NGS can provide a...

De Novo Antibody Sequencing Case Study

Abterra Bio uses bioinformatics and mass spectrometry to reconstructs the full amino acid sequence of both antibody chains. We’ve successfully sequenced human, mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit, and llama antibodies. This approach can be applied across any species and...

Social Media Posts

Have you lost the #hybridoma for an important antibody? Dr. Burchill from the Univ of Colorado knows the feeling. Read more about how we used Valens to rescue an antibody used in his chronic liver disease research. #antibody #antibodysequencing


Why you should pick NGS over Sanger for your hybridoma sequencing? At Abterra Bio, we use NGS for our high-throughput hybridoma sequencing workflow to save you time and money!
Read about the key differences between NGS vs Sanger here: https://abterrabio.com/hybridoma-sequencing-resources/
#hybridoma #NGS

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