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Reptor™- Hybridoma Sequencing 

We give you access to every relevant antibody for your project!

  • 3 week turnaround time
  • Starting at ~$140/hybridoma
  • All work performed in the USA!


We have sequenced

hybridomas and counting


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I have had great experiences using Abterra Bio’s Reptor platform. The data generated was highly valuable, and the team provided quick and open communication throughout the whole process.

Sandeep Kumar, PhD

Associate Director - Antibody Discovery & Engineering, Scholar Rock


Reptor acceptable species include mouse, rat, rabbit, human, transgenics

Species and Samples

  • Species: Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Human, and Transgenics
  • Contact us if you are interested in sequencing hybridomas from a different species!
  • Samples: cells
Next-generation sequencing for hybridomas

Amplification and Sequencing

  • Full-length variable region sequencing
  • Isotypes:
    • Mouse & Rat (IgG/IgM, IgK/IgL)
    • Human (all isotypes)
    • Rabbit (IgG, IgK)
    • Transgenics (varies)
Proprietary Reptor software

Analysis using proprietary software

Hybridoma Sequencing Process



RNA extraction starting from vials or plate


Barcoding and amplification


Sequencing and filtering


Error correction and repertoire analysis using our proprietary software

* Read about how next-generation sequencing is better than Sanger sequencing for determining monoclonal antibodies in your hybridomas!



Dominant and Minor Sequences for each hybridoma


Automated CDR detection on each sequence


Clonality assessment for each hybridoma


Isotype readout per hybridoma

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