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VHH Antibody Discovery from Serum

Custom VHH antibody discovery using Alicanto®

  • An approach that doesn’t use phage or yeast display
  • Directly capture the natural diversity of the immune response 
  • Sequences for all hits
  • Quick go or no-go decision upfront
  • No more panning!

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Key Benefits 

More Diverse Hits

  • By avoiding cloning into phage and panning, Alicanto® directly samples the natural diversity of the immune response. This translates to more unique hits for your project.

Higher Hit Rate

  • We enrich for the desired VHH antibodies at the earliest stages of the process, which allows us to avoid wasting time on antibodies that don’t have the desired specificity.

In Vivo Engineering

  • We deliver all related VHH sequences to validated hits which allows you to discover new candidates with potentially different profiles of affinity, immunogenicity, and sequence liabilities.

**We recently analyzed a naive llama repertoire and cover a little more of the biology of VHH antibodies in a blog post.

VHH Antibody Discovery Process





At least 10 diverse candidate sequences selected by Alicanto®.


Interactive report

 An interactive report of the entire dataset to investigate individual VHH antibodies, clonal families, and repertoire-wide features.


Expressed VHH antibodies

1mg of up to 10 antibodies validated by ELISA.

Other Alicanto® Services

Alicanto® uses mass spectrometry combined with next-generation sequencing to identify the highest affinity antibodies that have been selected by the native immune system. Our technology is flexible, and can be applied to a variety of host organisms, including rabbit, human, and llama.


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