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Antibody Protein Sequencing

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Antibody Protein Sequencing Process


**Check out our recent blog post that summarizes when to use antibody sequencing services. Also, read our publication on how we resurrected a clinical antibody.




Full-length amino acid sequences for heavy and light chain.


Interactive report

 An interactive, web-based report of the entire antibody sequence. 



Coverage analysis demonstrating support for each predicted amino acid.

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Protein Sequence Confirmation

Abterra Bio also offers an antibody sequence confirmation service using Valens to help determine if the produced antibody matches the intended gene sequence.


Hybridoma Verification

  • Sequence confirmation is a distinct process from de novo sequencing to confirm the translated protein product matches your genetic sequence.

Truncation Detection

  • Identify the translation boundaries and post-translational processing events of your sequence. 

Recombinant Protein Confirmation

  • Access how well the expressed protein matches the intended gene sequence.

Valens builds on over a decade of algorithm development including ideas invented at the University of California – San Diego Center for Computational Mass Spectrometry. For background on our methods check out these publications: