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Why Sequence My Antibody Protein?

Aug 30, 2022 | Products, Science, Services

Over the past decade of sequencing thousands of antibodies, we’ve discovered the top reasons to sequence your antibody protein.

Top reasons to sequence my antibody


1. To protect my intellectual property through patents for regulatory application and antibody production.


2. To secure my antibodies in case my hybridomas stop producing or my freezers fail.  At Abterra Bio, we have worked on many projects over the years to rescue proteins for our clients. (or any biological failures). We can help you prepare for the worst by sequencing the hybridomas using next-generation sequencing , or help you recover from disaster by sequencing the antibody protein.

3. To ensure quality and consistency of my research. I can produce my antibody recombinantly once I have the sequence, ensuring the same antibody is produced in every batch.

rabbit antibody discovery workflow

Valens™ is a mass spectrometry-powered service to sequence and provide direct information about the antibody protein. We offer two services using Valens™; antibody protein sequencing to recover the full antibody sequence when no source cell is available and antibody sequence confirmation to determine if the produced antibody matches the intended gene sequence.


We summarized the methods for antibody protein sequencing in a related blog post.

Important considerations when choosing an antibody sequencing partner:


  • Experience – we have over 10 years of antibody protein sequencing, and sequenced thousands of hybridomas, so we know how to sequence an antibody!
  • Location – all work is performed in the US.


  • Flexibility – we’ve sequenced samples with as little as 20 ug, low purity supernatant samples, and sample with conjugates.

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