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Abterra Bio Has Moved To Sorrento Valley

In 2009, Abterra Bio began as Digital Proteomics LLC, a spin-out of the University of California – San Diego. Founders Pavel Pevzner and Vineet Bafna, as well as Natalie Castellana, Stefano Bonissone, and Anand Patel have been a part of Abterra’s story since its inception.

Abterra incubator lab bench san diego ca

Our employees fine-tuned the technology for antibody sequencing and discovery, and as we started to hire more people, we outgrew our first location: a shared lab bench in a biotech start-up incubator. In 2020 with 6 employees, we moved to the San Diego Science Center, our first real office and lab that we could call our own. We invested in a Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Eclipse mass spectrometer to expand our throughput and add capabilities to our services to customers looking for antibody discovery, sequencing, and repertoire analysis. Throughout our time there, we continued to grow (See the Abterra team now), and eventually traded that office for yet another larger one.

Abterra Bio San Diego Science Center Lab san diego ca

Our current chapter has begun in our new Sorrento Valley office and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re enjoying our state-of-the-art lab, multiple floors of offices, and even a conference room! At first we wondered, “Is this too much?” but after some reflection, realized how hard we have worked to get here.  We’ve already begun filling the lab with new equipment, including a new sequencer that quadruples our NGS sequencing throughput. Our new space provides the room to grow our team and our capabilities for our valued customers.

If you’re considering a project with us, we’d love to talk to you.

abterra bio new lab sorrento valley san diego

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Abterra Biosciences is a unique CRO offering antibody sequencing and discovery services.  We bring sophisticated algorithmic and machine learning approaches to enable accurate antibody sequencing and functional antibody discovery.

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