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New Service: Alicanto for Antibody Discovery from Human Serum

We recently had the pleasure of attending the PEGS Boston Conference. We had the privilege of showcasing our work through a poster presentation, a talk, and an exhibit booth. Among the highlights were engaging with experts, exchanging ideas, and strengthening our network within the community. But perhaps the most important was launching our newest service: Alicanto For Antibody Discovery From Human Serum. It was truly a great time for Abterra Biosciences!

Watch our CEO, Dr. Natalie Castellana’s presentation on Discovering SARS-CoV2 Antibodies From Patient Serum With Alicanto below. This was our first antibody discovery project utilizing human serum!

Click below to watch the presentation.


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Abterra Biosciences is a unique CRO offering antibody sequencing and discovery services.  We bring sophisticated algorithmic and machine learning approaches to enable accurate antibody sequencing and functional antibody discovery.

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