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Llama Immune Repertoire Profiling

Jun 6, 2021 | Science, Services

Alicanto® is Abterra Biosciences’ proprietary antibody discovery platform that mines the entire immune response to identify diverse, functional antibodies. For an overview of the proteogenomic process, read more about Alicanto®.

  • The infographic below was created using Alicanto’s analysis of llama immune response to immunization.
Alicanto's analysis of llama immune response to immunization

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Watch the full presentation: “Next-Generation Repertoire Sequencing for Mining Single Domain Antibodies” that was given by our CSO, Stefano Bonissone, at the PEGS Boston Virtual Summit 2021.

With Alicanto® you see not just the diverse candidates selected by our platform, but any relative of the candidates found in the BCR repertoire. Read more on our recent work – Clonal Hit-Expansion Case Study.