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Phase 1 SBIR Award-Quorum Cloud

Jan 30, 2018 | News

Quorum Cloud® is a computational platform that organizes tandem MS data into molecular networks. Molecular networks connect related compounds that differ by a mutation, modification, or adduct. Quorum Cloud® increases NP compound annotations compared to previous approaches by integrating spectral library search and structure database search. In addition, annotations of known compounds can be automatically propagated to related, but unknown compounds via similarity of their tandem mass spectra.

Quorum Cloud® is deployed as a web application to enable interactive visual interrogation of the network topology and underlying data analysis. Given the design of a MS experiment (e.g. case versus control or time-series), the application performs statistical analysis to highlight significantly enriched compounds and sub-networks. These features can be used to quickly identify novel drug leads or to optimize growth and extraction protocols.

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